Teachers know what they know and can do what they do, based on the fruits of their practice and the skills they have developed. Mindfulness teachers work less from a theoretical basis but from and experiential embodied space.  McCown et al (2010)

The teachers are absolutely wonderful - they couldn't have been more kind, gentle and nice
November 2018
 I will always remember you with gratitude and great fondness for the life-changing experience I underwent thanks to your guidance and nourishing.
December 2018
Safe, relaxing, calming atmosphere. Like a haven to my busy mind
April 2018
Really good materials and I am sure I will continue to use them. Lots of information, ideas and strategies.
April 2018
Thank you so much for your mindfulness guidance - wonderful people teaching such a wonderful, powerful and life-changing practice
April 2018
Everyday I grow more mindful and discover new ways to calm and control my mind. Thank you for showing me the way.
April 2018
You work wonderfully together to create a relaxed and open atmosphere
July 2017
I always felt listened to and appreciated. The workbook brought professionalism to the course and added an appropriate insight into the academic material.
July 2017
The teaching materials were well prepared and put together in a way that was easy to manage. The content was written in language that was straightforward and understandable by non professionals which was very helpful.
Jean and sonia are gifted in enabling you to be yourself with no judgement or expectation, yet encouraging sharing of oneself in a caring and compassionate way.
April 2017
I absolutely loved the venue (Elmslie House), the timing and venue were just right.
April 2017
I enjoyed the exercises and meditations, I like the tone and the pace
April 2017
This course for me has been a huge catalyst for real change, thank you both so much.
July 2017
The workbook is an incredible resource, well written and presented, loved the audio meditation files too!
July 2017
Excellent course, feel it will be life changing, feel empowered to better deal with ups and downs Thank you both.
July 2017
To use the analogy of experiences, thoughts and feelings (i.e. life) being a film, the MBSR course helped me to refocus and make things be clearer and less fuzzy/imbalanced. However, for me the film remained in black and white and sometimes 2D.
MSC has enabled me to see episodes/shots of the film/my experiences in full 3D technicolour. sometimes the focus and/or colour slip or fade, but the wealth of tools and resources Sonia and Jean give in real time, and then provide you with access to, are always there to support you and to give you the confidence to rely on yourself, and to appreciate and believe in your own strength and the power of self-compassion. 
July 2017
I felt an accepting, warm welcoming invitation from the first session and throughout. In safe hands with Jean, brilliant at steadying the ship and Sonia bringing warmth and humour too
July 2017
Once I had read your biographies, I knew you were the right people for me.  Very gently and in a very brief amount of time, you have taught me how to handle something that I have grappled with daily, in an acute sense, for the past two and a half years .  In subtle ways you have also brought home the message of self-care.   June 2016
A very good variety of approaches, reading, CD's, poetry, well set out.

July 2016

I very much enjoyed the course and wanted particularly to comment on how  gently and inclusively I thought you both  related towards the course delegates. I feel confident that the warmth you exhibited toward everyone was a significant factor in how much people gained from the course.
October 2016
 I come and I feel looked after and made special.  Tiny things that add up to an impressive and thoughtful whole.

You work beautifully together.  You are both so lucky to have found each other because together you create something outstanding.  And we as students are lucky to have you.
June 2016
Jean and Sonia were very warm, welcoming and sensitive. There was no pressure to do or say anything unless you wanted to. A lovely atmosphere. Nov 2015
Teaching materials were very good. It was helpful to have the material offered in differnet formats, there was just the right amount of written material. I found it very thought provoking and inspiring at times. Oct 2015
Having had problems with depression and anxiety since adolescence, and having been through counselling and CBT, I wasn't sure what I would get out of mindfulness- especially as I felt a hefty pinch of cynicism about the whole thing. However, I honestly couldn't have hoped for anything more. With Jean and Sonia's guidance, I learnt something entirely new- how to be kind towards myself and show myself love. I had no idea something as simple as awareness and acceptance would bring me so much peace. Having just finished the course, I feel like that the change that it has brought is profound. I plan to keep practicing now and, for what is probably the first time, I truly feel like I have the resources to cope no matter what comes. 26.10.14
"I liked the folder of notes, excellent practise CD's and poems"
Jean and Sonia made me feel very relaxed and able to participate in the sessions without embarrassment and with no sense of compulsion. I felt completely safe with them.
The exercises and meditations were thought provoking and challenging. They enabled me to look at areas of myself in a more positive and loving way. I have learnt new skills of how to love and accept myself and others. Nov 2015
I'm pleased to say that I still feel in fine health and do think "being mindful" has a lot to do with it. I acknowledge my pain (with a gentle interest) without concentrating on it. I am not taking any medication and feel far less stressed (actually hardly stressed at all ) as I realise there is no point!.
I still find it awe inspiring to acknowledge how much change has happened to me in such a short time and how alive I do feel as I try to focus constantly on "living in the present". I am also excited as I believe that whatever obstacles come my way, by understanding myself better ands being aware of the signs of stress and anxiety, the breathing and meditation will enable me to cope better. I suppose it's a case of having spent so much of my life under self-imagined ctiticism and expectations of others I now realise that it's not my reality and listening to my self/soul has enabled me to shake off old habits with a new awareness of the actual reality of life. Ive spent most of my life asleep....now I've woken up!
I feel very much in control and am making life changes that suit me better.
Thank you for your inspired teaching and my heartfelt recommendations to anyone interested in trying the mindfulness experience. 28.10.14