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Individual Sessions

We are also able to offer individual one-on-one sessions, or a full individual 8-week course, for people wanting a personal response for issues such as stress reduction, relapse prevention for depression, regulating blood pressure, pain management, improving concentration, aiding sleep, greater clarity of thought, improved inter-personal skills, being less reactive and more responsive, recognition of own thoughts, greater sense of well-being.

Sessions will cost £45 plus the venue hire cost.

A full 8 week course can be conducted individually for £250 plus venue hire costs. (Please do note that refunds cannot be given for non-attendance)

Mindfulness Based Interventions are generally offered within a group, each session lasting 2.5 hours and comprising meditation practises and exercises. For many however, taking part in a group is not feasible or desirable for any number of reasons. So, support is offered to those who wish to complete the standardized programmes individually. It is for anyone who might find it difficult to commit to an 8-week course either because of location or timing of the classes, those who have a physical or psychological difficulty who would find working with a group prohibitive. Individual mindfulness coaching works with you and your specific circumstances to understand how to understand and apply these practises to your everyday experiences.

At an initial consultation, a thorough assessment of your needs will be completed together, at your own pace and in a respectful manner. This is followed by a block of weekly or fortnightly sessions which will be negotiated with you.

You’ll have daily home practise to complete in your own time between sessions, and we’ll review this together the following week.

You’ll be introduced to specific mindfulness practises and to the process of self-enquiry which is a core aspect of mindfulness training.

A workbook and recordings are provided within the costs.

Contact us for more information.

Where: A venue suitable for the session will be arranged in discussion with you, subject to room availability.
When: Dates in discussion with you, and subject to venue availability.



Fundamental Consciousness

The Realization Process uses a series of precise inward attunement practices to help us uncover a very subtle dimension of ourselves, a ground of being.

The Realization Process uses a series of precise inward attunement practices to help us uncover a very subtle dimension of ourselves, a ground of being. We will explore the main exercises, attuning to the internal space of our body, and cultivating a sense of internal cohesion and self-possession. Then when we let go, we can let go from deep within, without leaving our body, settling into an experience of pervasive spaciousness and stillness. The unique gift of this approach is that the more embodied we become, the more we can open to the stillness of meditation and to this more subtle experience of our own consciousness. Suitable for all levels of experience.
‘The more we know ourselves as this pervasive stillness, the more freely, deeply and fluidly all of the movement of life flows through us’ Judith Blackstone.
These exercises are like stretches, to refine our consciousness so that we can experience all of life more fully. This is a wonderful way to engage more deeply with our essential nature, our qualities, our unique sense of self, and at the same time learn to let go into an ever deepening and more spontaneous relationship with the world around us.

The location is Hinton Barn Farm which is junction 10 of the M40, postcode NN135XZ. Nearest station either Banbury or Bicester North / Village. We are a farm, so there is nature all around – animals to visit and feed, big trees and wide open spaces.

Suggested fees are: £180 for tuition and meals, living onsite. Or, if you live offsite, suggestion is £150.  You will need to book a place! We expect a high demand for this workshop. Please send payment by BACs to: Hinton Barn Farm; Sort code 230580; Account 13686618 with the reference “Realisation”.

Directly contact Cindy Cunningham

Where: Hinton Barn Farm, NN135XZ
When: 26th and 27th October 2019
More information:
Write to: Hinton Barn, Charlton Road, Hinton in the Hedges, Nr Brackley, Eng NN13 5XZ