Weekend Retreat

"Equanimity is a perfect, unshakable balance of mind." Nyanaponika Thera 

A RETREAT WEEKEND AT THE CLOVER MILL - run annually next one 2019

Finding freedom in the body: Using Yoga, Mindfulness and Ayurveda to live with ease

A weekend retreat that will leave you with practical tools to take home to your everyday life. This retreat is suitable for all levels of experience. Accessible techniques from yoga and mindfulness provide ways of reconnecting with mind and body while Ayurvedic nutrition and massage allow you to fully relax and nourish yourself in the beautiful surroundings of Clover Mill. 

As humans it is inevitable that there will be periods in our life when we will experience physical pain, emotional pain and distress, loss or bereavement.  This short retreat is an opportunity to reflect and explore how we work with these elements of being human.We have planned a gentle, nurturing and compassionate retreat weekend. Using mindfulness, meditation, yoga and other gentle movement practices we will explore the landscape of the body. Scaravelli Yoga allows us to listen deeply to the wisdom of the body and to move and rest in ways that create ease and freedom.  Mindfulness practice offers us ways of reframing and transforming our relationship to physical, emotional and psychological pain. 

During the weekend there will be guided session of yoga and mindfulness for the whole group, periods of free time and the opportunity for individual support. All retreats at Clover Mill also include a full Ayrurvedic assessment and an individually tailored massage treatment. 

The Teachers

Jess Stein Jess has been practicing yoga all her life and teaching since 2010. Her practice is based in the Scaravelli approach as taught by Christine Borg. This yoga is playful, attentive and curious. It encourages fluidity and flexibility by working with the natural lines and curves of the body rather than forcing it into uncomfortable shapes. Her teaching also draws on her training in Dru Yoga, qigong and other movement practices. 

Jess' mindfulness practice began in 2008 through an involvement with Wake Up London, a group of young people interested in creating social change through personal peace. She spent several years facilitating Wake Up events and projects and in 2015 moved to the Barn Retreat Centre, Sharpham to spend a year as a Retreat Coordinator.  Since then she has lead a series of retreats exploring how we can find freedom in our bodies and peace in our minds and hearts. 

Alongside this work, Jess is privileged to palliative care nurse caring for people at the end of life in an inpatient unit. 

Jean Nash has a professional background in mental health nursing within the NHS. She taught Mindfulness in this context for 14 years completing her training at Bangor University’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice which has international links and expertise. Jean is now retired from the NHS and teaches mindfulness as part of Malvern Mindfulness. She is keen to share the benefits of mindfulness and engages in ongoing training to constantly deepen her teaching skills and personal mindfulness practice. Her qualifications are: RMN (retired), BSc Hons, Postgraduate Diploma Teaching Mindfulness-Based Approaches, Certificate of Competence in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Interventions.

Sonia Eastwood worked as mental health nurse in the NHS for many years, where one of her main areas of expertise was running groups for carers. She has been teaching mindfulness alongside Jean at Malvern Mindfulness for the past five years and more recently has become a trained teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion. Sonia has personally enjoyed pursuing her interest in yoga and meditation since the age of 22 and is delighted that there is now scientific research supporting the benefits of mindfulness which encourages more people to enjoy its benefits.

The Venue

The Clover Mill team are committed to rejuvenating their guests physically, emotionally and spiritually by carrying out personally tailored treatment programmes based on the Ayurvedic principles of healthy diet, therapeutic massage, gentle yogic exercise and meditation in peaceful, natural surroundings. We hope guests leave feeling they have had a relaxing, inspirational experience, be de-stressed and totally revitalised.

The Clover Mill was developed to provide a luxury experience for those seeking to enhance their wellbeing through ayurveda, yoga and being in nature. Even the scientific community has accepted the psychological and physiological benefits of spending time in nature, and the consequent health improvements. 

Ayurveda believes that in order to be kind to ourselves, we need to be kind to the environment and sustainable. The Clover Mill is dedicated to these principles and strives to have as low an impact as possible. We:

  • Have our own borehole which provides an alkaline spring water
  • Have a state of the art wood burning biomass boiler
  • Have heat recovery ventilation systems
  • Have an innovative low energy lighting system
  • Have low energy cooking appliances
  • Source sustainable products and organic food wherever possible preferably from the mill garden
  • Recycle as much as possible back into the garden through composting, the chickens and use of organic gardening methods

The principles of being kind to the environment and sustainable were also the philosophy of the Founder when restoring the Mill.

Cost & Booking

Costs and booking are done directly through The Clover Mill 


Julie 01886 880859

Jean 01684 569743

Sonia 01684 560677