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We regularly run bi-monthly Sanghas and People in Pain Practice Groups every other week.

People in Pain Practice Group       (alternate weeks)

Postponed for now.

Please register your interest via the Contact page or phone

Mary 07895405609

Sonia 01684 560677

Jean 07794832744

Sonia, Jean and Mary want people in pain to have access to a practice group on an ongoing basis where they can meet to learn and to share ways of living with pain.The group will largely focus on the now, and the future, rather than dwelling in the past. The focus will also be on mutual kindness, and respect.

The group will incorporate practices in mindfulness, which includes meditation, breathing, and body awareness. It will include aspects of the Breathworks Programme (www.breathworks), together with other healing practices including sound, and also practical lifestyle information, for example nutrition.The group will be collaborative: learning and sharing will be mutual. No previous experience of mindfulness practice is necessary.

The group will run for 6 sessions, on alternate weeks, and on session 7 will meet in December to review and to decide the way forward. So this is initially a pilot group.

Half the time will be spent on practice, and half will be opportunity to share practical information, or maybe have a visiting “speaker”.There will be a tea and comfort break. The group will be an open group so that people can feel free to join at any session.

St. Andrews Church hall has wheelchair access.

The fee will be £15 per session. If you can afford more then that would be appreciated and would subsidise concessions that are available on request. 


Colwall Park Hotel, Walwyn Rd, Colwall, WR13 6QG

Monday evenings

£10 per session, from 7.00 - 9.00 pm. 

Please register your interest via the Contact page or phone

Sonia 01684 560677

Jean 07794832744

Individual Sessions

Please contact Jean on the number provided above or via the "Connect With Us" page using the enquiry form.

Sessions are £45 plus room hire costs and are subject to room availability. 

Please note that if you would like to do a full 8 week course individually the cost is £250 plus room costs and no refund is offered for non- attendance.