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"Being mindful, we are waking to what our senses are telling us" Silverton, S. (2012)


Course Information

We are offering these courses as two blocks of 4 weeks.
Either can be experienced on its own, or you may want to complete both, as the content of the second 4 weeks builds on the first.

This course is designed for people who struggle with weight, food and eating.

If you are stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting- losing and regaining weight, binge eating, emotional eating or compulsive overeating, then this course is for you.

Our aim with this course is to create a safe space where we can bring a compassionate awareness to our eating patterns and behaviours and begin to explore the underlying causes of disordered eating.

In Part one, we focus on tuning into the body and developing mindful eating skills which encourage eating with conscious awareness.

In Part two, we explore how our conscious and unconscious emotions can drive our eating behaviours.

Part 1: Attuned eating and body awareness

Week 1: Tuning into the body, exploring the 9 hungers

Week 2: Hunger, fullness and satisfaction

Week 3: Eating as self-care and gratitude for the body

Week 4: Introducing the hungry heart

Part 2: Exploring emotional eating

Week 1: The origins of our emotional eating patterns

Week 2: Emotions and body awareness

Week 3: Food and mood

Week 4: Cravings and comfort foods. Meeting our true needs.

Mindfulness Course Booking Information

Terms and conditions:-

This session is designed using mindfulness combined with purposeful transformational coaching to empower and enhance your creativity. Your experience will include an eclectic mix of creative learning, powerful distinctions and evidence-based theory and we have 3 big aims for your day:

To transform the way, you think about your roles in life and your personal and professional impact.

To create a more purposeful, productive, creative and happier personal and professional life.

The aim is for individuals  is to benefit from the practices they develop but guarantees of this are not included. You are responsible with our support for your own well-being .

Please make us aware of any simple health care needs that we can accommodate on the questionnaire below.

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