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"Being mindful, we are waking to what our senses are telling us" Silverton, S. (2012)


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Mindfulness Course Booking Information

Terms and conditions:-

The mindfulness courses are designed to help you promote awareness of your mind and body. They are not being offered specifically as a treatment for any physical or psychological conditions. However the aim is for individuals to benefit from the practices they develop but guarantees of this are not included. We may recommend an alternative time to undergo the course in order to maximise the course benefits for you if you have health issues which are contraindicated. With our kindness and support you remain responsible for your own well-being during the course. Please read all the information provided with this application.

Please make us aware of any simple health care needs that we can accommodate on the questionnaire below.

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If you experience unforeseen circumstances and have to cancel within this time we aim to be understanding. We will do our best to transfer your booking to another course, if not possible a refund will be given at our discretion minus an administration fee.

Pre-course telephone consultation:-

In order to ensure that you have booked a course which will meet your needs and expectations we like to chat to you before the course commences. You are asked to complete a questionnaire on booking, if on reading this we feel it is possibly contra-indicated we will aim to speak with you within 2-3 weeks of booking, otherwise we make contact within the month prior to the course starting.

How we use your information:-

We will not pass on your details to anyone else. 

Here is some information highlighting the benefits of practicing Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

Mindfulness is learning to become more aware of what is going on for you, both internally and externally, without judgement, in the present moment, using all of your senses.

Together we will be working to change patterns of our minds that have often been around for a long time and have become habitual, so if we want to make changes it is important to put the time and effort into learning the skills. This approach depends on your willingness to allow time for home practice between sessions to consolidate your learning. A commitment to attend all sessions is beneficial, if you do plan to miss one it is not advisable that it is the first or last.

In the classes you will be learning many gentle ways to face difficulties, with the support of the group facilitators and the other participants. 

The benefits may not show themselves immediately, but your labours may show later, like any new skill at first it may feel clunky and a struggle, but hopefully as time progresses it will feel more natural and you will be able to notice some differences.



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