"The real voyage of discovery consists not of seeking out new landscapes but in having new eyes"
Attrib. Marcel Proust



We offer, in the Malvern and surrounding areas, experiential and theoretical mindfulness days:-

  •  8 week Mindful Based Stress Reduction courses based on the teachings of Jon Kabat-Zinn. 
  •  8 week Mindful Self Compassion courses based on the teachings of Christopher Germer and Kristin Neff.
  • 8 week Eating with Conscious Awareness courses based on the work of Jan Chozen-Bays.
  • Weekends and workshops. 
  • Individual sessions.
  • Bespoke courses for businesses of any size incorporating other professionals as needed.

Mindfulness techniques utilise a combination of Buddhist Contemplative Practice and Western Cognitive Science to enhance our physical and mental health along with an overall improved sense of well-being. 

"Mindfulness is an act of hospitality. A way of learning to treat ourselves with kindness and care that slowly begins to percolate into the deepest recesses of our being while gradually offering us the possibility of relating to others in the same manner. Working with whatever is present is enough. There is no need to condemn ourselves for not feeling loving or kind. Rather, the process simply asks us to entertain the possibility of offering hospitality to ourselves no matter what we are feeling or thinking." Santorelli.S (1999)

The Practice of Mindfulness has been recommended by The National Institute for Clinical Excellence in the treatment of recurrent depression (see page 37 of following link for further details):- read it here

and The Mental Health Foundation:- read it here

In our busy "doing" environment we can lose touch with our everyday experience, moving into "being" mode brings a much richer and rewarding way of existence. Mindfulness helps us to use all of our senses to become aware, more often.

Mindfulness is a method whereby we can learn to recognise how to be "in the moment", in "being mode" not "doing mode" and it has been demonstrated that utilising Mindfulness Based Health Interventions can be helpful for a variety of health problems including:-

  • stress reduction
  • relapse prevention for depression
  • regulating Blood Pressure
  • aiding sleep
  • management of pain

This list is not exhaustive, it also benefits many other aspects of our being including:-

  • improving concentration
  • greater clarity of thought
  • improved communications with others
  • being less "reactive" and more "responsive"
  • ability to recognise one's own thoughts and distinguish whether they are subjective or objective
  • a greater general sense of well-being